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Tares Ltd. Is a professional steel service center with years of experience. Our business we started in 1996 on the production and distribution of trapezoidal sheets.

Willingness, to adapt to the needs of our customers has resulted in the purchase of two professional line for cutting sheet metal – slitting and cutting to length.


We specialize in cutting mainly: very thin sheets – thickness from 0,4mm and sheets with special surface finish (painted on both sites, mirror finish, stucco ect.). The main success of our company is the large group of loyal customers, for which we provide very professional servisces. We sincerly thank them, while new customers are welcome to cooperate with us.


The services such as slitting and cutting to length sheet metal are the primary activities of the company. Processing flat products such as hot dip galvanized steel, alumina, cold rolled steel and other can provide ready-made mats, strips and sheets for manufacturers from many different industries: automotive, constructions, household goods, electrical engineering etc.


The highest level of customer satisfaction is our main goal and mission. Years of experience and expert knowledge allows us to offer contractors: best cutting quality while optimizing the costs associated with the use of raw materials , high standard of security goods on the time of storage and transportation , appropriate packaging system highest quality materials from Polish and foreign suppliers


We offer also steel in coils, bars, wire rod, trapezoidal and roofing sheets, sheet-metal work and other roof accessories.

Posiadamy certyfikat PN-EN ISO 9001:2015

Steel Service Center


  • Coil width: 150mm to 1250mm
  • Width of the strips: 18mm to 1250mm
  • Thickeness: 0,4mm to 0,8mm
  • Max. thicknes of rewind coils: 1.4mm
  • Max. Coil weight: 10500kg
  • Max. outside coil diameter: 1530mm
  • Inside coil diameter: 460mm to 600mm
  • Cutting accurancy: +/- 0.01mm


  • Coil width: 330mm to 1250mm
  • Thickeness: 0,20mm to 1.15mm
  • Max. Coil weight: 10500kg
  • Max. outside coil diameter: 1530mm
  • Min. inside coil diameter: 480mm

Sheet metal cutting and rewinding

  • hot dip galvanized
  • color coated
  • cold-rolled
  • alumina
  • titanium-zinc
  • dynamo
  • stainless steel
  • tinplate

Products of Steel Service Center

  • strips
  • sheets
  • mats

Steel products

Hot dip galvanized/aluzinc/galfen

  • steel grades: DX51D-DX56D/S220GD-S550GD/HX260-HX420
  • coating: Z100-Z275/AZ100-185/ZA95-300
  • oiled, unoiled, passivation, other surface finish


  • steel grades: DC01-DC05
  • coating: ZE25/25 to ZE100/100
  • oiled, passivation, other surface finish

Organic coated

  • steel grades: DX51D-56D, S220GD-S350GD
  • coating: glosy polyester, mat polyester
  • colours as standard RAL palette
  • with or without foil

Cold rolled

  • steel grades: DC01-DC06/HC180-HC240
  • oiled, unoiled

Hot rolled coils

  • steel grades: S185-S355/DD11-DD14/E295/E355

Electrical steels

  • steel grades: M250, M270, M350, M470, M530-35A/50A
  • isolation coating


  • steel grades: 1050/3003/3005/3103/5005
  • H18 / H24 / H44

Stainless steel

  • Steel grades: 1.4003 - 1.4512
  • surface: mat, glosy, mirror


  • Grade: T50-T67, T57 BA/CA
  • Tin coat: 2.0/2.0, 2.8/2.8, 5.6/5.6

Tares Sp. z o.o.
telephone: +48 32-261-01-40
fax: +48 32-260-81-62
email: tares@tares.pl
NIP: 629-10-73-046
REGON: 272952445
Address: Tworzeń 121 st, Dąbrowa Górnicza 41-303

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